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The World's Original Choice of Caffeine

Since the 15th century, coffee has existed to power creativity and productivity around the world. Drinking coffee has allowed countless people to do more, and do better. Yet for many like ourselves, coffee comes with anxiety, jitters, and poor sleep which causes many other negative health effects. 

After dealing with poor sleep and anxiety-riddled work days for years, we made a discovery that would change our lives. While working with manufacturers in China, we were introduced to the world's oldest coffee alternative - tea.  

During that time, we would sit in a small room and do nothing but drink tea and share stories for hours. Stories about what life in China was like, how to properly enjoy premium loose leaf tea, and where our futures were headed. And as we enjoyed the tea, we realized we achieved a high level of mental clarity without any of the downsides associated with coffee. 

We wanted to share this experience with the rest of the world, and that's why we created Amico Tea.

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