Jiang Mai White Tea
Jiang Mai White Tea

Jiang Mai White Tea

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White Tea | Yunnan, China | 将迈白茶

A white tea made from 200+ year old Puer tree leaves from the mountains of Yunnan. This is pretty unusual because precious leaves from such old trees in Yunnan are typically processed to become super prized Raw Puer.

At first glance it looks like a pile of dried up leaves you’d typically find on the side of the street. What’s not shown at first glance, is a story of how this tea is harvested. All this tea has been picked by a 74 year old granny from ~200-300 year old trees. Waking up, she would eat an egg and take a shot of Bai Jiu (80 proof Chinese Hard Liquor), and she goes up the mountain to the tea trees her family planted 200+ years ago to harvest the tea leaves for the rest of the day.

In 2 hours, the grandma is able to collect 5kg worth of leaves, but after drying, the amount that is left is usually only 800 grams. The effort in harvesting adds value to the experience of brewing and drinking the tea.

Our Recommended Brew: 4 grams at 205˚ F for 1 minute.

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