Iron Goddess Oolong
Iron Goddess Oolong
Iron Goddess Oolong

Iron Goddess Oolong

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Oolong Tea | Fujian, China | 铁观音
The Iron Goddess Oolong is one of the more popular varieties of Oolong in China. It is cultivated and produced in the Anxi province in Fujian, a region with the most rainfall in all of China. A huge part of its name is derived from the Chinese Goddess of Mercy. And the “iron” describes the tea leaf’s thickness and weight relative to other types of teas.
Another reason why the Iron Goddess is so revered in China is because of its amazing taste and strong aroma. Some say the brewed tea can taste “buttery” as it encoats the mouth and leaves a lingering taste in your mouth. The tea leaves also emit a floral scent after the first and second brews. It makes you feel energized but also calm and relaxed because it is only lightly oxidized, it still holds a significant amount of L-Theanine, a compound known for its complementary effects with caffeine to give consistent energy without the crash.
The slight oxidation of the tea actually brings out even more health benefits than its unoxidized counterpart, green tea. This tea is a great source for antioxidants, vitamins, and amino acids.
Our recommended brew: 4 grams at 194˚-199˚F

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