Tea Time With Lisa B. Of My Tea Vault

Tea Time With Lisa B. Of My Tea Vault

Note from Amico Tea: we believe that tea is meant to be shared amongst friends, and drinking tea itself is only one small aspect of a larger experience. Because of that, we're curating a series of stories from tea drinkers around the world to learn how they've come to enjoy tea and how it's impacted their lives. Our first story is one written by Lisa from My Tea Vault 

Hi, I’m Lisa, creator of My Tea Vault, and my love of tea goes back a long way.  

When I was five years old my grandmother would make tea for us. We sat across from each other with china tea cups and saucers. What I remember most was my grandmother listening to me as I talked.  The other thing I remember was that amazing bowl of sugar cubes.  :-)  

Back then I will probably guess the tea I was drinking was Lipton and if I had a second guess it would have been 3/4 sugar 1/4 tea. I mean I was five! Don’t hate, some of you still drink your tea this way.  

I’ve come a long way since I was five and so has tea.

My love for tea could only grow as much as the world around me. For the most part it was Lipton, but the Lipton you see in stores today is not the same Lipton I drank years ago. Toxins and chemicals have destroyed so much of what we used to enjoy.  

As I began to travel and experience tea in other countries my love for tea began to grow and so did my knowledge. 

As I learned more about the tea I was drinking it became more then just a drink.  It was a lifestyle. I’d look at the leaf and think about what it took for that leaf to get to me. 

As I slowly pour the water over the leaves I try to remind myself of the people and the process of the tea. Take a deep breath... ahhhhh, It's meditative and peaceful. I love the flavor of most teas however those calm meditative moments of brewing tea and then taking that first sip are the things I love most.  It’s a calming melody to watch the leaves unfurl. 

You don’t get that feeling from any other beverage. No beverage calms like tea.    

Tea is meditative, reflective and divine.  

I love the whole process of tea. Visiting a tea plantation and seeing the rows and rows of tea plants is breathtaking. Then watching the process from plant to cup really gives you a different look at that cup of tea. It’s an incredible journey. 
The thing that inspires me most about tea is you, the tea community, from the novice to the expert. I frequently ask: “What’s in your cup”. Because I really want to know. 

I was invited to an international tea festival in Chicago. I was honored to cover the event from set up to close. This event hosted a large amount of tea vendors from many nations:  India, Japan, Vietnam, Australia, Germany and more. On the second day I walked into the main tea area and the smell hit me. The aroma of fifty or so vendors brewing their tea but it was a single scent. Fifty or so teas brewing had steeped into one amazing scent. Just like the people inside. All the nationalities, some with language barriers yet tea brought them together laughing, sharing teas, talking, learning and more. 

It was one of those moments that made you stop and take it in. A bouquet of tea and people from novice to expert.    

I am always learning from the novice who has a sincere question about tea, to the expert 3rd generation tea farmer from Japan that has that has studied tea and farming for years. When you learn to see tea through other people’s eyes, you begin to learn more than your own limited vision. There is always something brewing with tea. 

When I am sent a new tea or tea brewing product to review I am first honored that I am trusted with their products and I take serious my responsibility to the tea community to express what I have learned in that review process. Second, my job is reporting about the product in a way that everyone can learn from.

Then, there is the health benefits of tea and its unsurmountable health benefits.  Take that tea and mix it with an herb or spice and you’ve doubled those health benefits or targeted a desired affect. I could go on and on about the health benefit of tea but that is what my blog (MyTeaVault.com) is for. (Shameless plug).  

The other benefit of being a tea blogger and having a love of tea is all the incredible people I get to come in contact with, including all of you. 

I started out drinking bagged Lipton tea and progressed to Earl Grey today I am an avid fan of Oolongs.  The tea I search for the most is a weed from the Apache Nation in Arizona I was privileged to enjoy a few years ago and would love to enjoy it again.  

So, what’s in YOUR cup?  

It was an honor to sit back and reflect as I wrote this..  Thank you again!  

Tea just makes you smile!

Lisa B
Owner/tea reviewer

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