How 2021 Completely Changed Our Business
Hey there, how has your 2021 been? Ours has been absolutely crazy and has blown our minds, in the best way possible.  We launched Amico Tea in January of 2020 with the goal of sharing high-quality, Chinese tea experiences with...
Going Jitter Free: How Premium Tea Has Improved My Life

I first began drinking caffeinated drinks for productivity in college. 

At the time, I indulged in sugary frappuccinos. 

However, I was never able to finish them - in fact, I still can’t finish a cup of coffee in one sitting because I get what some may know as the “jitters”. 

For anyone that’s had jitters, you’ll know that it provides too much energy to the point that you may experience anxiety and other unwanted side-effects. 

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love coffee and still have it at least once a week, but when you add up all of the side-effects caused by drinking too much coffee such as caffeine withdrawal, stomach pain, and worse of all, the afternoon crash...

It’s just not worth drinking on a daily basis. 

Tea Time With Lisa B. Of My Tea Vault
When I was five years old my grandmother would make tea for us. We sat across from each other with china tea cups and saucers. What I remember most was my grandmother listening to me as I talked.  The other thing I remember was that amazing bowl of sugar cubes.  :-)  

Back then I will probably guess the tea I was drinking was Lipton and if I had a second guess it would have been 3/4 sugar 1/4 tea. I mean I was five! Don’t hate, some of you still drink your tea this way. 

I’ve come a long way since I was five and so has tea.