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Making the switch off of coffee has been one of the best decisions I've made. I have the energy I need to get my stuff done while still feeling GREAT. I went from drinking 50g+ of sugar daily to 0g with numerous benefits.

Sarah Ng
Los Angeles, CA

"I was never one for tea, but was blown away by the flavor and quality of Amico tea. You can really tell because this tea lasts forever (I've brewed up to 10 or more cups for people in one go) and the flavor is still there. Love it. "

Michael G.

Amico is where it all started. I first started to drink tea to help with digestion problems. Now I drink tea because I love the tradition. I love the taste and aromas.

Caleb Johnson
Houston, TX

I absolutely love it! I crave that energy boost and drinking Amico Tea almost feels like a “garage door is lifted from the back of your eyes that was previously shut.

Kevin L.
San Francisco, CA

4 Easy Steps

Your Daily Ritual

1. Boil water.

2. Steep your tea for 3-5 minutes.

3. Sip and enjoy!

4. Repeat as needed.

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World's Oldest Source of Energy

Tea has powered creativity and productivity for thousands of years. The first record of tea was recorded by Chinese medical practitioner Hua Tuo in 3rd century AD and has since been widely consumed as the original source of caffeine. Tea had practically taken over the world by the late 1700’s. Today, tea is the fifth most consumed beverage in America and number one most consumed in the world. 

After many years of consuming coffee, we made the switch that would forever change the way we felt every single day. While in China for extended work trips, we were introduced to super high quality, single origin, loose-leaf tea at nearly every single meeting.

As we enjoyed the tea, we realized we could achieve a high level of mental clarity without any of the downsides associated with coffee -allowing us to focus better, work harder and live healthier due to healthy compounds found in tea like L-Theanine and other beneficial antioxidants.

Switching to premium tea changed our lives, and we felt it might change yours too which is why we created Amico Tea.